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The Rules Of Composition In Photography: 5 Must-Knows For Beginners

You’ve probably heard the saying, “you can take a great photo with any camera”, and it’s totally true; but only if you understand composition!

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10 Productive Ideas For Photographers Stuck At Home

If you’re feeling bored out of your mind and craving some sort of purpose during these times or social distancing and quarantine, then these productive ideas for photographers will do just the trick.

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8 Fun Photography Projects And Ideas To Try At Home

Unfortunately, you can’t always get outside to take pictures, but that doesn’t mean your creativity has to stop! There are still a ton of fun photography projects that you can try, without needing to ever take off your pajamas. How good does that sound?

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15 Tips To Stay Motivated And Inspired In Your Photography

Here I share 15 tips to help you stay motivated with your photography and get out of that rut you’ve been stuck in. These tips are ones I like to use myself and offer a fun way to spice things up every now and again.

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35 Common Photography Terms Beginners Need To Know

In this article, I’ll break down 35 of the most common photography terms that every beginner should know, and what each of them actually is.

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The Best Camera Settings For Beginner Photographers

Here you’ll learn what shooting modes will work best in different situations, the essential camera settings, and how they work, along with a whole bunch of other beginner photography tips to fast track your photo skills!

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10 Landscape Photography Tips For Beginners

Landscape photography is an incredible way to showcase the places you visit,  an enjoyable challenge, and gives you the motivation to get out and explore. Landscape photography, for beginners, can feel overwhelming, and many people don’t even know how to begin. In this article, I’ll go over 10 essential beginner landscape photography tips you should know if you want to capture incredible landscape photos.

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