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Mirae Campbell

Professional Photographer

I work as a full time photographer and hiring Brendan to remove objects and touch up images in Photoshop saves me invaluable time. I'm able to focus on the areas that I'm good at while Brendan makes magic and fixes imperfections that would take me too long to do myself. His service is precise, timely and affordable. I will definitely be using his services again and highly recommend.

[Brendan Williams]

Photographer, Retoucher

Why Hire A Photo Editor?

As a photographer you're constantly trying to save your most precious resource... time. 

Whether you're dealing with clients, fully booked with shoots, or overrun with projects, this resource quickly fades away. With less and less time on your hands, stress builds and you can't focus on what matters in your business and personal life.

Unlike what many people like to think, taking the photos is only half the battle. After a long day of shooting you still face a lengthy photo editing process. Before you know it, you've spent days chipping away at hundreds of photos and hardly have enough time to prepare for your next shoot.

If you want to win back more time in your business and personal life, outsourcing your photo editing is the answer. Now you can win back time to focus in more productive areas of your work. 

Here are 3 primary reasons why hiring a private photo editor may be beneficial to you:

Win Back More Time To Focus On What Matters

Save yourself the stress of not having enough time. By hiring me to edit your photos, you can win back hours of your time. Now you have added energy to spend on more important aspects of your work. 

Stop Struggling To Learn New Photo Editing Techniques Yourself

Some photo editing techniques are extremely challenging. Things like sky replacements, removing things from images, or skin retouching takes a lot of time to learn. Stop spending countless hours trying to learn a new technique when you can trust in someone who's already a professional. 

Get Professional Results, Faster

Get the exact results you're looking for in less time with the help of another professional. Trust to get the exact results you envision with the versatility of an experienced photo editor.

About [Brendan Williams]

Over the last number of years I have been working as an outdoor lifestyle and travel photographer. After having the opportunity to work with countless tourism boards and brands across the globe, I wanted to help make photography more accessible to everyone. In late 2017 I began creating online tutorials and workshops based around photography and photo editing. Since then my tutorials have been used by millions of creatives across the globe. Through this educational journey, I've noticed a common theme among photographers of all skill levels.

They want results faster.

The truth is, it takes a ton of time to learn new techniques, photo editing programs, and retouching skills. So many people simply don't have the time to get the results they're looking for in their images. I've come to realize that many people dread the thought of replacing a background, cutting out objects, replacing skies, or even certain color edits. Now rather than learning how to do these types of techniques yourself, I can help you get the results you need in far less time.

With a unique array of experience, I offer a true all-in-one photo editing solution for photographers and creatives that you won't find elsewhere.

Examples Of My Editing Work:


Photo Editing Services:


Culling & Basic Color Corrections:  $0.15 - $0.20 /image

Send me your batch of images and I will sort through and remove any of the bad photos while organizing the rest! Balance out the exposure and white balance of the selected images with basic color corrections.

What To Expect:

- Sort, flag, and rate your photos in Lightroom

- Remove duplicates, similar images, awkward poses, closed eyes etc.

- Basic exposure and white balance adjustments to selected photos 

How I Cull Images:

Images are culled based on overall quality, composition, importance, and variety. 


Custom Color Correction: $0.30 /image

I offer color correction editing services to match your own unique style. Share examples of your images or even send me your presets to use in the color correction process. Send over your culled Lightroom Catalog or leave it all to me to sort through!

Custom color correction services will include some or all of the following:

- JPEG or RAW image color correction

- Apply your own presets for you during the correction process

- Adjust exposure and contrast values of your image

- Custom color corrections such as HSL, split toning and white balance

- Sharpening adjustments 

- Noise correction and reduction

- Profile corrections & chromatic aberration removal

- Complete Lightroom Catalog or exports of all files delivered as .JPEG

- Black and white conversions or duplications

- Cull images (optional, +$0.15/image)


Basic / Advanced Lightroom Retouching: $2.00 - $4.00 /image

Enhance and refine your photos in Lightroom with the following options: 

Basic Lightroom Retouching: $2.00 /image

- Basic removal of flyaway hairs around head (Max 2 people a photo)

- Remove blemishes on skin

- Remove sensor spots in your photos

Basic Lightroom Retouching: $4.00 /image

- Basic removal of flyaway hairs around head (Max 2 people a photo)

- Remove blemishes on skin

- Whiten teeth (Max 2 people a photo) 

- Soften skin/face (Max 2 people a photo)

- Remove sensor spots in your photos


Custom Professional Retouching: Quote Based ($50 Per Hour)

Get the exact results you're looking for with custom professional retouching done in Adobe Photoshop. No matter what your image needs, this option will make it happen. Cost will depend on requirements of specific images. 

What Can Be Done With Professional Retouching Services:

- Remove objects from your image

- Extend backgrounds

- Replace sky or background

- Face or eye swaps

- Reduce bags or wrinkles on skin

- Reduce skin glare

- Frequency separation 

- Composite images (merging 2 or more photos together)

- Smooth studio backdrops

- Dodge and burn

- Fix redness or blotchy skin

- Eliminate light glare on eye glasses

- Testimonials -

Trusting someone else to handle your images can be daunting. Here are some words of recent clients to help make your decision easier.

Bella Bucchiotti

Social Media Marketer & Blogger

Brendan is one of the most professional photographers I have had the chance to work with. We've had the opportunity to work in different countries together and every time Brendan has been prepared for work with a professional attitude. The care Brendan puts into his photography and editing is incredible. He carefully edits every photo to make it perfect while making sure you get it when you're on a timeline.

Chrys Mihatovich


Brendan was able to edit our family images in ways our photographer said weren't possible. He added in the missing people to certain photos making them exactly what we hoped for. Thank you so so much!

Isaac Wray

Professional Photographer

As a full time freelancer it is essential that I have quality work with a quick turn around. Outsourcing Photoshop work to Brendan has allowed me to focus more on shooting, and worry less about my editing!

- Get In Touch -

Fill out the form below to inquire about any of the photo editing services I offer. Please state how many photos you are needing edited and a link to your website or social media. This way I can get a clear understanding of your style of edit. If you are not a photographer, you can leave this section blank.

When Can I Expect My Images Back?

Your images will be finished within 5-7 business days depending on the number of photos and requirements of your images.

How Do I Send My Photos To You?

After we have discussed the terms of your project, you will need to add all your images to a shared Dropbox Folder. If you would like to use the same Lightroom Catalog or share your presets with me to use, please add them to the folder as well. 

Where Do You Deliver My Photos?

Your photos will be delivered via Dropbox. I will only deliver JPEG file exports unless otherwise instructed.

Do I Need To Be A Photographer To Hire You?

Absolutely not! Many of my clients are regular folks looking for help with a specific image. Whether it be removing the backgrounds in their photo, adding in someone to a family portrait, removing distractions, and more! Whether you took the photo yourself or not, I'll still be able to help you.

Is There A Minimum Number Of Edits I Need To Order?

There is no minimum photo count on an order but the minimum order value is $5.00. 

I Thought You Taught People Photo Editing, Why Do It For Them?

The truth is, photo editing takes up a ton of time. There are so many techniques to learn but they each take a lot of practice. Hiring me will speed up the process and give you more time to focus on what matters. Then you can learn techniques for yourself through my blog when you have more time.

What's Your Experience?

Alongside my photography, I have been a professional photo retoucher for a number of years. I've worked with architectural firms, travel influencers, online personalities, professional photographers, and small businesses around the globe. I serve anyone who needs specific technical and creative additions to their images.

How Does Payment Work?

I will request 50% of the final amount due up front. The final 50% will be due after the delivery of your images. I've had clients 'disappear' after the photos were delivered which is why I do it this way. Payment can be made via Paypal or Stripe.

What If I Want A Re-Edit Of An Image?

If you're unsatisfied with the delivered images, you can request a re-edit within 24 hours of delivery. This is at no extra charge and they are typically finished within 1-2 business days.

The All-In-One Photo Editing Solution You've Always Wanted.

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