What Is Brendan Williams Creative?

As you might have already guessed my name’s Brendan. I am a photographer and retoucher from Vancouver, BC who has been spending the better part of the past 2 years creating online photography and photo editing tutorials.

I remember when I first got into this whole photography thing and how hard everything seemed to be. Seeing the things my idols were capturing seemed so beyond my ability levels, how could I ever get there? It was very discouraging and I’m sure many of you have felt the same way. Luckily, over time those things that seemed impossible started to make sense. I began to realize everything in photography connects in one way or another. You have all the puzzle pieces in front of you, it’s just a matter of learning which pieces fit together.

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I was fortunate to have several mentors growing up teaching me about photography, marketing, and the “hustle” needed to make it as a freelancer. I know many people out there are flying solo and trying to learn whatever they can online. That’s what inspired me to get into teaching. Many tutorials online are filled with excess and are not geared towards any ability level. I wanted to fix this by creating tutorials explained in simple terms that all ability levels can enjoy. That’s when I created my youtube channel.

After starting a youtube channel in early 2017, it has since grown over 25,000 subscribers and over a million channel views. I began wanting to create something beyond youtube, more of a hub for creators and artists to come together to learn, share, and explore new topics all in a single place. That’s how Brendan Williams Creative was born! A place that has evolved into a community of creators all passionate about photography and learning.

If you love photography and have a keen desire to learn, then Brendan Williams Creative may just be the oasis you have long yearned for. Welcome to the community!



Let’s Get Personal…

The thing I value most when connecting with others is being transparent and open. Actually learning about who someone is versus what they do on the surface. Contrary to popular belief I do not eat sleep and breathe tutorials… although that would be a lot more efficient. Here’s a bit about myself and how I got started in photo and video:

Brendan In a nutshell:

  • I am 22 years old living just outside Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • If I could rock climb every day I would, there is no activity I love more.
  • I dropped out of film school to initially pursue a career in the film industry. It was the best decision I ever made… ironic isn’t it?
  • I got into photography because of skateboarding and wanted to be a pro skate photographer.
  • I used to hate Photoshop with every ounce of my soul… now it’s my go to editing software.

Photography started for me in grade 10 back in the days when all I cared about was skateboarding and McDonalds. I got my first camera and started messing around with it at the skatepark, shooting friends and posting photos online. At the time all I wanted was to become a professional skateboard photographer… how the times have changed. As you might have guessed I got about zero traction with any of those photos but I sure had a lot of fun taking them. Although now my dreams of becoming a professional skate photographer were sadly off the table.

Come grade 12 I had decided that photography was not going to happen for me and began looking for other career paths. Not long after I found myself working as a camera assistant in the film industry here in Vancouver and dedicated the next several years to that. Photography was now fully on the back burner and my focus was all about making that sweet sweet overtime during those long 80+ hour weeks on set. I was working on shows produced by Netflix, NBC, Warner Brothers and Amazon Prime, things were good but my mindset began to change.


I started to feel burnt out. Completely and whole heartedly unmotivated and dreading the next day on set. Of course this is something we all feel with nearly any job but it began to make me think. My ultimate goal is to be working completely freelance and mostly online, not tied to any specific city. Working in film was not the path to make that happen. What if I spent those 80 hours a week networking and working on my own projects? I wonder what might happen.

I didn’t jump right into it at first, but slowly began to get back into photo and video creation. This time with the goal of actually landing a real paying client. Admittedly it was slow, but I got my first video job through a friend. Wow, a real person wanting to pay me real money for my work! This progressed into more video projects and photography gigs that came up through just talking to people on social media.

Now I focus mostly on photography with much of my work being photo retouching for a wide range of clients. I still work part time in the film industry to change things up every now and again. I mean who doesn’t like watching things getting blown up and get paid for it?


So now I hope I don’t feel like a complete stranger to you. Nothing’s worse than plain and robotic content online. It’s a bit more comforting being able to put a “face to the name” isn’t it? Anyways, enough about me, let’s get learnin’!

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Happy Shooting!