I have a video, but I can’t find any music licences within my budget. Trying to find good, royalty free music online rarely bares fruit. Licensing singular songs costs more than I’d like to consider. This is the reason Artlist.io has become such an integral part of my workflow with video creation.

If you are a youtuber, like myself, you know the challenges of ensuring your music choices won’t cause demonetization. A huge key when finding music is ensuring that the song will be able to be posted online with no copyright claims. On Artlist, every song is pre-checked for youtube monetization and can be used in both personal and commercial work.

Before I found Artlist.io I would spent anywhere from $200 – $500 for a single song for a single video. It was not only a huge hit to my personal projects, but also drastically increased my quotes for client projects. Now I only pay $16.60/month which gives me access to a seemingly endless music library. Artlist.io was a key part in helping to find the perfect song for my “California In 4K” video, shown below.

What is Artlist.io?

Artlist.io is home to thousands of diverse and original music, all easily discovered through their intuitive genre browsing features. Being able to find music based on the mood, instruments and more makes my life endlessly easier! Google has never been too good at finding good music by searching “cinematic lo-fi royalty free music”, luckily Artlist.io can pick up the slack for me.

artlist.io royalty free music

For less than $20 a month, you get access to thousands of royalty free music files; with new music added every month! If you ever run into problems with your music rights, Artlist sends a unique proof of licensing document with every music file you download. Now you’ll always have proof against any videos being flagged for copyright content! To top it all off, the song licences are yours to use even after you are no longer paying for Artlist.

If you are a videographer and are looking to find better quality music and more friendly rate, Artlist.io is going to be a game changer. I know it has been for me.

Artlist.io Key Features:

  • Easy to browse music libraries
  • Proof of licensing document with every music download
  • Music sent straight to your email
  • $16.60 a month for unlimited royalty free music downloads
  • Lifetime access to already downloaded songs

brendan williams creative shooting video project

How Has Artlist.io Been Useful To Me?

I have been using Artlist.io for nearly two years. Using Artlist.io in everything from youtube videos, personal projects, and client work. It makes my life a lot easier in client work by knocking back my project quotes significantly. Before Artlist I would budget $250 for music licensing; now I can offer cheaper rates with the saved money.

With youtube and personal work it’s perfect as well. I can find music quickly and instantly download the songs I want. Now searching for music is an enjoyable experience, rather than a dreaded one.

Get 2 Extra Months For FREE!

If Artlist.io sounds like everything you’ve been looking for, sign up now! Click the link below to get 2 Extra Months FREE upon sign up.

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canyons in california with ronin M and GH5 brendan williams creative

I would love to hear what other royalty free music licensing sites you all use, let me know in the comments below!

Happy Listening!

-Brendan 🙂